The Main Page is now complete!

At this point, I am satisfied with how the main page is structured, and how functional it is. Everything that a visitor will need is available on the front page:

  • A slider that will showcase featured articles and events.
  • Links to important pages beneath the slider.
  • A navigation box that will link to most parts of the wiki.
  • The twitter feed and discord server for The Universim, both of which are very active.
  • A poll that will change every month or so.
  • Featured videos directly related to the game.
  • Recent blogs posted on the wiki from both members and local staff.
  • Recent wiki activity feed to see whats new or changed.
  • The gaming footer provided by Encyclopedia Gamia, which links to other simulation gaming communities.

At this point, some content articles still need to be added before I begin sharing the wiki around.

Thanks for reading!

~ Richard ~

RGeezy911TalkHave a Potato!

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