New tree models preview

Updated models for trees.

This update was released on March 15, 2016. Read the official news post.

On March 24, a hot fix was released to fix critical issues. Read the official news post.

The changes are as follows:

New ContentEdit

  • Gatherer’s Huts/Distribution Centres for keeping all your piles and piles of stuff sorted.
  • Mating panel is enhanced. The automatic mating toggle is now ON by default.
  • Added more immersion to the building process. The construction site is now marked by nice fence and the ground is cleared from grass. When Nuggets begin building, Stone Age scaffolds are constructed and the building process starts.
  • Building process updated with new animations. Now, with each hit of the hammer, you’ll see how the construction is progressing, step by step, stone by stone. When the building is completed, the scaffolds will be disassembled and Nuggets will celebrate. Don’t forget to repair! Your buildings will collapse as soon as they hit 0 HP.
  • Distribution Center implemented.
  • Wood Stash implemented.
  • Food Stash implemented.
  • Stone Stash implemented.
  • New Courier class for the Gatherer’s Hut/Distribution Centres: When a Nugget wants resources from storage areas, they will go to the Distribution Centre and request resources from a Courier. The Courier will collect the requested items and bring them back to the waiting Nugget.
  • When they have some time to spare, Couriers will go out in search of resources that have been left around and bring them back to the stashes.
  • Couriers move faster (+0.3) than normal Nuggets, and can carry a lot more as well. (+15)

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed an issue with birds not behaving as intended.
  • UI confirmation dialogs now prevent any other interaction with the game (no more awkwardness with confirmation pop-ups).
  • Clicking on a UI panel behind another panel will now bring the selected panel to the front.
  • Better Nugget clothing mechanics. Nuggets will now wear their unique outfits.
  • Fixed an issue with snow textures near to water edges.

UI/UX DesignEdit

  • Main UI: added animations to buttons.
  • New tooltips system.
  • Priorities panel tooltips added.
  • Mating Panel: auto mating button upgraded.
  • New warnings when attempting to place buildings without a Constructor’s Hut.
  • Added Gatherer's Hut and Distribution Center UI panels.
  • Added water consumption to main UI (coming soon!).
  • The Priorities Panel has new button animations.
  • Construction menu and building construction cloud visuals upgraded.
  • Main UI LED color change.
  • Linked the “Years” display in the Seasons Panel to the rate at which Nuggets age, so that each year shown in the worker ID card relates to one year in the main UI.

Balance ChangesEdit

  • Builders will no longer help constructors. They will only focus on building Constructor’s Huts and stone huts.
  • Stockpiling, Agriculture, and Clothing research are now completed up front.
  • Research Panel has been disabled temporarily.

Nugget ChangesEdit

  • Hunger Recovery Per Tick: 0.02 to 0.01
  • Child Growing Time Min: from 180 to 120
  • Child Growing Time Max: from 320 to 240
  • Min Reproduction time in hut, from: 25 to 15
  • Max Reproduction time in hut, from: 35 to 20
  • Nuggets Carry Capacity: from 3 to 5
  • Idle Stamina Decrease when Idle: from -0.1 to -0.05
  • Added Variation to when Nuggets go rest: +-15%
  • Added Variation to when Nuggets go eat: +- 5%
  • Max Gatherers Per Resource: from 1 to 2
  • Building Damage Per Tick: 0.05
  • Building Repair Level Condition: 0.5

Resource ChangesEdit

  • Tree Pine Wood Points: from 5 to 10 with Health 60
  • Tree Broadleaf Wood Points: from 5 to 10 with Health 60
  • Tree Broadleaf Wood Points: from 5 to 10 with Health 60
  • Tree Dead Tree Health: 10
  • Tree Palm Wood Points: from 5 to 3 with Health 40
  • Tree Tall Cactus Wood Points: from 0 to 10 with Health 80
  • Tree Medium Cactus Wood Points: from 0 to 5 with Health 60
  • Tree Small Cactus Wood Points: from 0 to 3 with Health 40
  • Rock Small: Health 30
  • Rock Medium Stone Points: from 7 to 10 with Health 40
  • Rock Large Stone Points: from 7 to 15 with Health 80

Building StatisticsEdit

  • Stone Hut Max Health: 250. Requirements: Wood 5, Stone 10
  • Farm Max Health: 100. Requirements: Wood 15, Stone 20
  • Distribution Center requirements: Wood 10 Stone 15
  • Construction Hut requirements: Wood 10 Stone 15
  • Stash Stone Resource requirements: Wood 10, Stone 10
  • Stash Food requirements: Wood 10, Stone 10
  • Stash Wood requirements: Wood 10, Stone 10

Performance ImprovementsEdit

  • Significant rewrite of AI for both game and developer performance.
  • Significant rewrite of Resource Storage systems for both game and developer performance.
  • Significant performance improvements due to a custom object culling system. The terrain is split into chunks, and the objects are combined per chunk, so that only the visible chunks are rendered. This leads to just under half the planet being hidden at any point, saving a bunch of unnecessary computing.


  • Fixed Nugget Thumbnails: previously, only Adahy and Elu had correct thumbnails, with the rest being cut off. Also made their lighting much more consistent.

Art AssetsEdit

  • New Pine Trees
  • New Water shader
  • Now Water covered with ice if temperature below -3c
  • Increased snowflake quantity
  • Tweaked Nugget hair colors and clothing colors
  • Ambient lighting tweaked
  • Daylight tweaks
  • Night light tweaks (nights are now darker).
  • Grass texture color tweaked


  • Building Construction Fixes
  • New Buildings construction & repair sounds
  • Music tracks now fade in and out rather than abruptly cutting from one to the next.

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