This page will list all of the features currently enabled or disabled on The Universim Wikia.

Enabled FeaturesEdit

Anonymous EditingEdit

Anonymous editing is when a user can make edits to any article without having to log-in. This allows for absolutely everyone to contribute to the wiki. However, when anonymous users make edits, they make their IP address public for everyone to view. It is recommended to create a username by signing up.

Article CommentsEdit

Main article: Comments

This feature enables an area on the bottom of every article that allows users to post comments. It replaces the talk pages, and acts as a more organized way of having a short discussion about an article. Each comment automatically includes your name, the date and time.


Main article: Blogs

Blogs are articles written by a single user about any topic they wish to talk about, and cannot be edited by anyone else. They are normally located within a user's profile page.


Main article: Forum

The discussions area is a place for longer conversations to be held. Whatever you couldn't discuss about in the article comments should go in the forum. Please keep in mind, the forum should not be used for discussing improvements or bugs for The Universim - those should be posted on the official forum.

Message WallEdit

Main article: Message Wall

The message wall feature completely replaces the talk pages of users. Instead of having to manually create new sections and sign new comments on a user's page, all you do is simply leave a normal comment that already includes your name, the date and time.


Main article: Polls

A poll is a simple voting box that usually contains multiple choices. Normally, they are found on the main pages of wikis, but they can also be placed in talk pages, user pages, blogs, message walls and more! However, they should rarely be used on an actual article.

To use them, simply type the HTML tag <poll>, then type in the title of the poll on the first line, and your choices on the following lines. Once done, close the poll tag using </poll>.

Here's an example:

An example poll!
That was easy.

An example poll!

The poll was created at 18:54 on April 10, 2017, and so far 1 people voted.

(JS) Back To Top ButtonEdit

Main article: Developers Wiki - Back To Top Button

This Javascript feature adds a simple button on the bottom bar of every page. It will only appear once the user has scrolled down the page a bit, and will disappear if the user is close to the top.

Note: The button will only appear for logged-in users.

(JS) Purge ButtonEdit

Main article: Developers Wiki - Purge Button

This Javascript feature adds a purge button in the edit menu of every editable page. This is useful for template editors that have to bypass the server cache / job queue while making edits.

Disabled FeaturesEdit


Main article: Achievements

The achievements feature allows users to earn badges for doing certain things and for meeting specific goals on the wiki. Badges are valued in points, which can show other users how dedicated of a contributor you are on the wiki! However, badges and points are entirely cosmetic and they don't give you extra permissions on the wiki.

It is disabled as it may promote poor editing practices among users as a result of achievement grinding.


Main article: Chat

The chat room functions like an instant messenger. Joining the chat room will only connect you to The Universim Wikia room. This means you can only talk to people here, and not to people from Community Central for example.

Is it disabled in place of having the official Discord server.

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