Behavior GuidelinesEdit

To maintain a positive atmosphere, several things are expected:

  1. Please treat others with respect. If someone else makes a problematic edit to an article, please assume good faith. Engage in a discussion with them and tell them what's wrong. If an agreement is reached, you can then edit the article to fix the issue.
  2. Always address the point of a discussion. Never personally attack someone based on what they say or believe. This affects any talkpage, message wall, or forum on The Universim Wikia.
  3. All discussions on The Universim Wikia should be decent in vocabulary and content. This means discriminating slurs, nudity, racism and hate speech are not allowed in any medium.
    • Going against this policy will result in your content being edited or reverted, and you receiving a notice or warning. Excessive failure to follow this policy will result in a block.
    • Expletives are allowed to a certain extent on the talkspace, but should never be seen on the mainspace (in articles). Please don't overuse them.

  4. Usernames should not impersonate local or global staff, be offensive, or promotional. Please use common sense when registering your account.
    • If your username contains any of the above, you will be blocked. If named in such a way to deliberately attack or troll, you will be blocked indefinitely.
    • If your name contains a slur that you had no idea about, please read how to change your username.

  5. Do not spam gibberish, nonsense, inappropriate content, or advertsing anywhere on the wiki. If caught doing so, you will be notified, warned or blocked. However, if this behaviour appears to be coming from a bot, then it will be immediately blocked with no prior warnings.
    • If a bot is caught spamming, it will be given a permanent block on the account. It will also be prevented from making edits to it's own message wall, and their IP address will also be blocked in the event the bot attempts re-entry.
    • This rule also applies to video uploads. Remember, this is not your personal YouTube channel.


If you feel that an admin or mod has been unfair, then you should bring this up with that member of staff via their message wall and be sure to clearly explain why you feel that way. You can find a list of all our staff members on the local staff page. If this doesn't work, please make a forum post to get the attention of other users.

If you have an issue with a notice or warning you received, or want to discuss it, please click on the name of the user who posted it (normally the admin or moderator) and start a discussion on their message wall. Otherwise, you can simply reply to the penalty on your own message wall.

If you want to dispute a block, then you must go to the local staff page and contact the blocking admin through their Community Central message wall. Please tell them exactly what you see on your block message!

It is advised to remain calm and respectful when making a dispute. Otherwise, it will be ignored. Try to explain your actions as best you can, be honest, and passionate about your case.

Administrators and moderators have the choice to reduce - or completely remove - your penalty or block based on your dispute, but this is not a guarantee.

Please do not complain about one staff's decision to another. Remember, when a staff member asks you to stop doing something they don't mean for the next few minutes, hours or days, they mean to not do it again at all.

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