The Universim allows players to use the keyboard & mouse, with very basic PS4 and Xbox One controller support. This article will list all available commands for each input method.

The keyboard controls cannot be rebound at this time.

Keyboard & MouseEdit

Key(s) Function
Escape Open in-game menu, Close in-game menu, Close foreground UI panel
Left Click Pan camera (click and drag), Interact with object, Place selected building
Right Click Spacebar Freelook without moving the camera's position (click and drag)
Mouse Wheel Increase or decrease the camera's height from the ground.
W Up Arrow Pan camera forward
S Down Arrow Pan camera backwards
A Left Arrow Pan camera to the left
D Right Arrow Pan camera to the right
Shift Increase camera movement speed
Keypad Only
Increase simulation speed
F2 Open/Close camera controls help menu
F4 Show/Hide the user interface
F12 Open/Close performance metrics

PS4 & Xbox OneEdit

As of the Gravystein update, PS4 and Xbox One controllers now have very limited functionality. They can only pan the camera around the world, with no options to rebind those buttons.